The PlayStation Network Needs to Get Its Act Together.

The PlayStation Network Needs to Get Its Act Together.

Another Holiday Period and More Downtime!

It’s been Five months since the PS4 launched and the PlayStation Network took on the form of a paid service with the requirement of PlayStation Plus to enable on-line multiplayer gameplay.
This effectively puts it in the bracket of a paid subscription service moving forward, as the PS4 which will be the flagship console for the next few years requires a PS Plus subscription in order to experience the console fully. Bringing it more in line with Xbox Live.

This is a step away from the model that was in place for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Vita where the PS Plus subscription was an optional service but with a considerable number of bells and whistles attached. The Instant Games Collection was the major Unique Selling Point and arguably one of the best on-line initiatives ever.

The Instant Games Collection added a tremendous amount of value with some great titles available for download by subscribers and keep for as long as they stayed subscribed.

Now that the PlayStation Network is effectively a paid service – Sony needs to get its act together.

There were a significant number of problems with the PlayStation Network before but all those cracks were papered over with the argument that it’s a free service and what not. This was generally used as an excuse for the shortcomings, the downtimes and the annoying maintenance periods.

Yes, the annoying maintenance periods for the PlayStation Network are a joke.

I bought a PS4 at launch. Then was looking forward to the Holiday period over Christmas to get in some good gaming time playing Battlefield 4 online with friends. However, the network was down over the Christmas period for a period of two to three days and guess what the reason was?


Why would a company as big as Sony schedule maintenance during what is likely to be one of the busiest periods on-line when people have time off from work and are relaxing is beyond me. That too when it effects the service of its now flagship product that launched merely a month prior and on a service that is now mandatory to have a full experience of the console.

If that was not annoying enough…. There is news today that there is another maintenance scheduled and planned for the Easter period. Another Holiday period. Another long weekend. Another Sony maintenance. Now on a paid service. How many times has this happened on Xbox Live?

The PlayStation Network had its reputation shattered with the hacking scandal and the considerable period of downtime that spanned more than six weeks.
Since then they have worked really hard to repair the damage and get back in the good books of its fans.

By and large, Sony have been doing everything right with the reveal, launch and release of the PlayStation 4 but the shoddy schedules for the maintenance periods is starting to become a little bit of a pain.
You cannot access the store, download stuff, play on-line games and anything that requires on-line connectivity.

Surely it can’t be too hard for a big conglomerate to figure out the busy periods and the not so busy periods.

Why during major Bank Holiday Weekends?

And please… none of that you will stay be able to play on-line games if you signed into the PSN recently because that is at its best largely hit and miss.

Sort it out Sony.

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  1. Zippy April 15, 2014 11:16 pm  Reply

    If you login 24hrs before maintenance then there won’t be a problem. The only thing you won’t be able to use is PSN store.

    • Ali Majid April 15, 2014 11:31 pm  Reply

      Yeah but that’s what they say. When it was down over the xmas period I was able to log in and play online fine and then it wouldn’t let me for a few hours. Then allowed me to get back online again. So it did cause problems. Just wish they did not do this during public holidays or long weekends.
      Ali Majid recently posted…The PlayStation Network Needs to Get Its Act Together. My Profile

  2. Zippy April 16, 2014 6:18 am  Reply

    But then it may not happen as the tweet Chris Owen tweeted was deleted.

    Then most people have things going on on bank holidays, so won’t mind, as this maintenance will lead to the elusive PS4 firmware.

    They should schedule maintenance after midnight when all or most sony bots are sleeping.

  3. DarthDiggler April 16, 2014 4:59 pm  Reply

    Honestly the PSN hasn’t been THAT bad really. I didn’t have many problems around Christmas and when I did there was plenty to do in Assassin’s Creed IV.

    The problem here is customer expectations. Sony and Microsoft are selling consumer level services, we do not have any Enterprise agreement with Sony or MS. There is no guaranteed 99.99999% up-time like you would get with a hosting service. If we were offered that level of reliability PS+ and XBL would be MUCH MUCH more expensive.

    I would suspect Sony may just be anticipating down time due to network congestion. As the service grows and the PS4 gets a larger install base the network will grow too. PSN for PS4 is pretty much a new network, which is likely why PS3 player still can’t see PS4 players online.

  4. Zippy April 16, 2014 10:35 pm  Reply

    I agree, as PSPlus works out at roughly £0.11 per day or £0.76 per week over a year so we can hardly get all upset about downtime now and again, just because we pay for something doesn’t give us the right to dictate when there should/shouldn’t be down time. Remember you get a lot for your 76p a week 2, free PS3 games, 2 PSvita games and a PS4 game per month. Now thats value for money.

    • Ali Majid April 23, 2014 5:59 pm  Reply

      Could not get on the game on Easter Monday… Would not allow me to play a single game of Battlefield 4 and would not even recognise my premium content.

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