Too Many Indie Games on PS4 and Not Enough Triple A Titles?

Too Many Indie Games on PS4 and Not Enough Triple A Titles?

There are a huge number of Indie games that are out now for the Ps4 and many more are on their way. Are they good enough too fill the void of Triple A.

We discuss whether the lack of Triple A Games and a lack of announced exclusives for the PS4 a big deal and whether the Indie games are a good thing over all.

There has been some concern from fans saying that they did not buy the new consoles just to play Indie games and bigger and better titles are too few and far between.

One the other hand there are fans that think that Indie games are not only good for the PS4 but for the Industry as a whole.

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  1. Arnold Stallone April 29, 2014 8:21 am  Reply

    There are already many great AAA titles, killzone sf and infamous SS alone are worth all the exclusive xbox one titles.
    There are tons of AAA titles coming for the ps4.
    There are tons of unannounced games as well.
    Huge titles like uncharted 4 are not far away.
    Many ps3 ports like the last of us will come to the ps4, and with its great improved visuals, resolution, polygon count, etc, they will be like a brand new game,specially when many Nintendo and Xbox fans are moving to the ps4, and never had the chance to play these ps3 masterpieces.
    As the gap becomes bigger and bigger, and in not to long, there will be like 12-15 million ps4 vs 5-6 million x1, more and more titles will come to the ps4, as exclusives: unlike last gen,if sales are like 3-1, studios will be licking Sony’s S, and at that moment,because the studios may sell at least 3 times more games on the ps4, Sony may negotiate and say ‘OK guys, if you want to expose your game to our +15 million potential buyers, we want the game to be exclusive to our platform’. Sony will be able to discuss and deal like that. Right now, EA/respawn must be disgusted and must regret having accepted those $ from microsoft for exclusive titanfall. The game sold like shit, discounted,it sold like shit, bundled with the x1, sold like shit, free with the x1, sold like shit. It barely moved units/x1′s from shelves.
    Next time, they will go exclusive with Sony, for sure.
    Most AAA studios are using the ps4 as lead platform. Like destiny, etc.
    No doubt, the game will look far superior on Sony console, like did 95% of multiplatform games.

    Yesterday I started replaying uncharted 2. I hope to see uncharted and mass effect series on the ps4. With the difference I sales, rockstar could make the world collapse, by releasing gta5 HD on the ps4, exclusively.
    There are already great HD remakes, like tomb raider. Diablo 3 ps4 will rule the world. It’s gonna be even more awesome than the PC version, with tones of great new features and content. My level 30 character imported on the ps4 version will be fantastic.

    Unlike other systems, where there are buzz, promises, hype,lies, every single day, to games that won’t come before 1 or 2 years, the ps4 will get many great games, now, and more, soon.
    Not even talking about great titles like resogun,etc.

    Add to that hundreds of great indie games: there are fantastic long AAA titles from indie studios, indie doesn’t mean 20 minutes long smartphone game, and the ps4 is going to be a true dream come true for gamers.
    Everything else, like a nice firmware and tons of new features,will just be the icing on the cake. 1.7 firmware will be the biggest firmware ever made by Sony. We should get amazing new features.

    So, if someone dares saying this or that about the ps4, then, what should be said,about the competitors….

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