Looking forward to Fifa 14? Fifa 14 Discussion

fifa 14 discussion and analysis of new features and what to look forward to

Fifa 14 – Discussion

Fifa 14 and its new features.

Order A Game Podcast Series – Podcast Number 5

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Are you excited for Fifa 14?

Are you looking forward to Fifa 14?

What do you want to see in Fifa 14?

These are some of the points that we will be looking at, this week, as we analyse the upcoming release of Fifa 14.

We look ahead at the launch of Fifa 14 and discuss some of the new features as well as improvements that have been announced for the game – coming out on both the current gen and next gen platforms.

This week we have a third member on the podcast team and analyse some of the new announced features for the upcoming title announced by EA Sports. We are all Fifa enthusisats and have spent quite a bit of time on the last few Fifa games.

We also discuss what Pro Evolution Soccer needs to do to make a comeback and try and reclaim its lost spot as the king of football sims.

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Order A Game Podcast number 5 – Written by Ali Majid

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  1. Daniel July 19, 2013 6:19 pm  Reply

    Can’t believe you guys did not talk about Ultimate Team

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